NEW SEASON! 2016-2017

On Sunday, October 16 at 3 PM  at the Penn Museum

3260 South Street in Philadelphia

 Relâche, the internationally renowned new music octet, kicks off its 2016–2017 concert series at the Penn Museum with new music to accompany some old silent film favorites—and a new commission inspired by 4,000-year-old texts from the Penn Museum’s collection of Sumerian cuneiform tablets. The ensemble performs the world premiere of Sumer Redux, the new commission by the ensemble’s composer and bassoonist Chuck Holdeman. The three fantastical Méliès silent films ca. 1904, The Merry Frolics of Satan, Hydrotherapie Fantastique, and The Damnation of Faust, are screened with new music by Phillip Johnston. A Relâche premiere by Paul A. Epstein rounds out the program.

Special for Students! $5 with ID, plus bring a second student along for free!

Complete program

Fancy Flight                                   Paul A. Epstein (b. 1939)

Night Music 2 (2016)                                                                  Paul A. Epstein
premiere of the new version for Relâche

Sumer Redux                    Chuck Holdeman (b. 1946)
world premiere
Hoe and Plow
Enheduana’s Inana

with Philip Jones, The Penn Museum’s Keeper of the Babylonian Collection


Three films by Georges Méliès (1861-1938)
music composed, and arranged for Relâche, by Phillip Johnston (b. 1955)

Damnation of Faust (1904)

Hydrothérapie fantastique (1909)

Merry Frolics of Satan (1906)

And then

January 22, 2017, 3 PM at Widener University, Chester, PA

and the same program at the Penn Museum February 5, 3 PM:

High Octane by Mark Hagerty

Creamer Etudes by Gavin Bryars

premiere: full version of Max Linder’s silent comedy film  Be My Wife, with a greatly expanded new score by Chris McGlumphy

June 18, 2017, the second annual  Dina Wind concert , location TBA
featuring The Bearded Ladies’  vocalist John Jarboe, a musical premiere by Heath Allen (composer of Andy, a Popera.) -working title- “The Bearded Ballerina”

At Land, experimental silent film by Maya Deren, music by Chuck Holdeman
plus music by Kyle Gann, Guy Klusevcek, and Ryan Olivier

Contact Relâche via emailing Chuck Holdeman,

or calling (215) 574-8248.